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  • Hummus & Chicken Soup Recipe

    Hummus & Chicken Soup Recipe0

    If you haven’t tried putting hummus in your chicken soup, then you need to start doing it. This hummus and chicken soup recipe will show you how you can incorporate some hummus into your soup.

  • Simple Hummus Recipe (5 Minute Hummus)

    Simple Hummus Recipe (5 Minute Hummus)0

    Simple Hummus Recipe (5 Minute Hummus) This simple 5 minute hummus recipe can be prepared so fast, we call it five minute hummus! There are so many variations and so many people have tweaked the recipe to suit their tastes, that most of the ingredient amounts are more of a guide. Some people like more

  • Baba Ghanoush: An Appetizing Appetizer

    Baba Ghanoush: An Appetizing Appetizer0

    The culinary world is as diverse and unique as the nations where the dishes originate from. It carries the traditions and flavors from various places and puts it conveniently on a plate. Delicacies from the Middle East, such as  tahini, tabouli, and hummus, are some of the most interesting ones. Today, we’ll talk about yet