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  • Chickpeas: Why You Should be Eating Them

    Chickpeas: Why You Should be Eating Them0

    We’ve talked about various Middle Eastern dips in the past, such as tahini and hummus, and they both have one thing in common – deliciousness!. And they are both healthy! There’s plenty of benefits you can get from eating chickpeas, and every self-respecting vegetarian knows how important they are!  Chickpeas are a staple in a

  • Tabouli Recipe

    Tabouli Recipe0

    Every household should have a Tabouli recipe. this dish is so healthy and is often used in clean eating diets around the world. In fact, there is really nothing in tabbouleh that is bad for you.   In every town everywhere, salads have become a staple food that augments the taste and flavor of everyday